Huntington, NY

Located  in Suffolk County about 40 miles from Manhattan, Huntington, NY provides plenty of recreation for residents and visitors with its harbors, beaches and museums. Over the past few years, Huntington has grown into a booming business area with a large number of manufacturing facilities.

Doylestown, PA

Located 27 miles north of Philadelphia, Doylestown is known for its historic sites, excellent restaurants, and quaint shops. The town is home to Mercer Museum, Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Fonthill Castle, and many other cultural attractions. With so much to see and do, it is essential to have the necessary infrastructure to ensure residents and visitors have access to reliable wireless coverage.

Piedmont, CA

In 2014, cellular telephone carriers contacted Crown Castle with concerns over coverage in Piedmont. Crown Castle tested signal strength in Piedmont four separate times. Those tests showed significant issues with signal coverage in the city.

Santa Monica, CA

Rated as one of the top ten beach cities in the world, Santa Monica is known for its laidback vibe, beautiful views and world-class shopping. The city welcomes millions of tourists each year and is home to some of the most iconic attractions in California, including the historic Santa Monica Pier. As demand for data in the area increases, additional wireless infrastructure is needed to supplement the city’s existing cell towers.

Montgomery County, MD

Gateway to the nation’s capital, Montgomery County is a robust business community containing many major U.S. government offices as well as leading research centers. With its breathtaking parks, unique restaurants and outstanding theaters and art galleries, it’s no wonder more than 7 million tourists visit each year. In this bustling region, additional infrastructure is essential to ensure that both residents and visitors have access to wireless coverage.

Simpsonville, KY

Known as the American Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World, Simpsonville, KY is a small town located just a few minutes from Lousiville. In the last couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the number of stores, restaurants and housing developments in the area. Due to its recent growth, the town is in need of additional wireless infrastructure to ensure that residents have the coverage they need.

City of Gaithersburg, MD

Within the thriving metropolitan area of Gaithersburg, Maryland you’ll find a scattering of historic landmark buildings that give the city a unique aesthetic and character. Additionally, you’ll find one of the country's highest ranked school systems, weekend farmers markets, and numerous festivals. It’s no surprise, then, that Gaithersburg has experienced an influx of visitors and a growing population—as well as a need for additional infrastructure to ensure reliable wireless coverage.

Rye, NY

Dating back to 1660, the city of Rye, New York has a unique blend of the old and new. Ripe with national landmarks and a historic past, Rye is a highly desirable suburban community. But with rising data demands, the city’s current infrastructure is unable to provide reliable wireless service to its residents. With 48% of households relying exclusively on mobile phones, real estate agents across the country are saying that a dependable wireless connection is a key consideration when looking for a home.

Wesley Hills, NY

The Village of Wesley Hills in Rockland County, New York features Dutch-inspired architecture and countless opportunities to explore nature. While the views are breathtaking, the terrain makes it difficult for wireless carriers to provide a dependable wireless connection.

Augusta Pines, TX

Augusta Pines has long been one of the most desirable communities surrounding Houston. As new homes continue to be built and families are attracted to the quality of life offered here, Augusta Pines faces a dilemma familiar to other similar communities: How to accommodate the wireless needs of a growing population without compromising the character and aesthetics of the community. It’s an issue of some urgency since an estimated 48% of households rely exclusively on mobile phones, and real-estate agents across the country agree that having a dependable wireless connection is a key consideration when looking for a home.

San Francisco Sunset-Richmond Districts, CA

To help provide greater wireless capacity for residents of the Sunset and Richmond districts of San Francisco, we are upgrading the wireless infrastructure in the area with a new small cell solutions (SCS) network. An SCS network gives us the ability to use multiple small nodes to expand the coverage and capacity of the towers that already serve the area.

Charlotte, NC

To give the residents of Charlotte access to the latest in wireless technology, we are proposing a new small cell solutions (SCS) network. SCS has become the new standard of wireless technology in other top-tier cities around the country. An SCS network consists of small, discreet nodes connected by fiber optic cable. This is an ideal solution for a diverse city like Charlotte that needs the improved capacity and bandwidth that such a network provides. Currently, small cell networks are operating in some areas of Charlotte but more are required to satisfy the high level of demand by residents, businesses and visitors.

Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Palos Verdes Estates is a charming, rural city known for its picturesque rolling hills and stunning ocean views of the Los Angeles Basin and Pacific Ocean. It’s consistently recognized as one of the most desirable places to live in southern California. With residents of Los Angeles flocking to the area, the city’s existing cell towers cannot keep up with rising demand for data.

Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA

Tucked into the Palos Verdes Hills outside of Los Angeles, with its expansive views of the Pacific Ocean, is the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. The beauty of this secluded gem is undisputed; however its uneven terrain leaves much to be desired when it comes to reliable wireless coverage. As new families and businesses continue moving to the community, additional wireless infrastructure is needed to supplement the city’s existing cell towers.

Downtown Austin, TX

Austin, TX has earned its reputation as a tech-friendly city. Part of that is due to SXSW, which draws tens of thousands of people and international attention every year. But as residents are well aware, that’s only a piece of the story. Over the past decade, emerging to large technology companies have started to build a significant presence here. The downtown area in particular has seen an influx of young, tech-savvy residents who rely on access to reliable wireless service. But as more people move into the area, the current wireless infrastructure is unable to keep up with the demand.

Palo Alto, CA

In the heart of Silicon Valley, tech is king. Everywhere you look in downtown Palo Alto, CA, tech-savvy people are using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. As demand for data continues to increase, it is essential to have the necessary infrastructure to ensure reliable wireless coverage.

Pittsburgh, PA

The Oakland neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA, is an education, healthcare, and cultural hub, and residents here demand high-speed wireless data to study, work, and live their lives. But as smartphones became more prevalent, and data usage increased, the existing infrastructure couldn’t keep up with the growth of demand. Crown Castle was brought in to find a solution that met the needs of the community, without disrupting their lives and while improving the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Vail, CO

Vail, Colorado, is a picturesque community, famous for its beautiful mountains and ski slopes. That makes it a popular vacation destination for thousands of recreational travelers; however, the challenging topography surrounding the Village and residential neighborhood makes it especially difficult to provide reliable wireless coverage.

Long Beach, CA

Known as the urban waterfront playground, Long Beach, in Southern California, is a dream city for urbanites and beach-goers alike. It’s home to a marina, a downtown convention center, an array of museums, and the country’s second busiest container port. The Long Beach Grand Prix, the longest running major street race in North America, is also hosted there every April. With all these attractions and events, the city’s existing infrastructure needs additional support to ensure reliable wireless coverage.

Paradise Valley, AZ

Paradise Valley, Arizona is a unique desert community with strict ordinances designed to preserve the aesthetics and character of town. Those same ordinances have also made it difficult to secure reliable wireless service in the area. Crown Castle worked closely with citizens and town leaders to design a solution that would meet their needs and comply with the rules. We built a small cell solutions (SCS) network with 42 discreet nodes placed on streetlights, traffic signals, and even several faux cacti that blended in with the surrounding environment. Since it’s a neutral-host solution, multiple wireless carriers can be accommodated, and community members get the improved voice and data services they demand.

Mercer Island, WA

From its beautiful parks and shorelines to its quaint, tight-knit feel, Mercer Island has become one of the premier residential areas in the state of Washington. In recent years, new bookstores, boutiques, restaurants, and a farmers market have drawn both visitors and residents to the downtown area. This recent growth, along with residents’ increasing reliance on wireless technology has created a need for greater coverage and capacity. To meet this demand, we’re proposing a small cell solutions (SCS) network.