For more information, please refer to these additional resources. 

  • Municipal Officials Brochure: Learn how we help communities like yours keep up with growing data demands.
  • Communities Brochure: To keep your community connected, we need to find the right infrastructure that will allow the expansion of networks in a way that improves your coverage.
  • The Muni Factor in Network Densification White Paper: Learn about our approach to working effectively with municipalities to create the next generation of wireless.
  • Crown Castle 101: Our infrastructure is bringing new opportunities and possibilities to the people and communities it serves.
  • Data Demand Infographic: We rely on mobile data now more than ever. Smarter devices, bigger screens, and faster data have led to a dramatic shift in the way we consume information and media—leading to a significant increase in mobile traffic.
  • Smart Communities Infographic: Smart Community technologies are beginning to take off. Our consultative expertise and foundational infrastructure put us in a unique position to help deploy these technologis faster and more strategically.
  • Public Safety Infographic: Increased adoption of wireless devices has important implications for public safety, but only if the services work. Here are a few reasons it's important to make sure your community is equipped with the infrastructure that will enable its most essential wireless services.
  • Coverage vs. Capacity Infographic: Learn why wireless congestion happens, and how we can fix it with improved capacity.
  • Your Wireless World Infographic: Wireless infrastructure enables you to use the devices you rely on to send email, get directions, and more. Learn about the types of infrastructure we provide.

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