Vail, Colorado, is a picturesque community, famous for its beautiful mountains and ski slopes. That makes it a popular vacation destination for thousands of recreational travelers; however, the challenging topography surrounding the Village and residential neighborhood makes it especially difficult to provide reliable wireless coverage.

Project Overview

Crown Castle installed a small cell solutions (SCS) network that consists of several strategically placed nodes that accommodate multiple wireless service providers as well as the city’s wi-fi and video-monitoring system. The network has improved wireless coverage and provided much needed data capacity to the Village.


With all its peaks and valleys, Vail’s difficult topography required careful planning to make sure each node was strategically placed to maximize coverage and deliver the needed capacity. This all had to be done in accordance with the town’s strict aesthetic regulations and several layers of approval. To complete the project on time and on budget, we had to navigate these and other challenges:

    • The network needed to be hardened to withstand adverse weather conditions.
    • The area needed enough capacity to accommodate the large crowds that visit Vail throughout the year.
    • We needed to balance different audiences’ conflicting needs, aesthetic requirements, and technical radio frequency (RF) challenges.
    • All installation work had to be completed within very tight construction schedules.

The Solution:

To meet the voice and data demands of the visitors and residents of Vail, we designed and installed a fiber optic SCS network. Twenty-nine custom-designed slimline poles—similar in size and appearance to streetlights—were placed on public rights-of-way. Each node was strategically placed to maximize coverage and preserve the look and feel of the Village. We coordinated with various government stakeholders to obtain approval for the entire project during the design phase, which helped streamline the deployment process and keep the project on time and on budget. Vail residents and visitors now have access to a state-of-the-art 4G LTE network.

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