Project Overview

Crown Castle plans to construct a fiber-fed wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network, a type of small cell solution (SCS), within the Right-of-Way (ROW) of downtown Palo Alto to supplement the existing wireless infrastructure. Due to the extraordinary proliferation of wireless devices in recent years, demand for enhanced wireless service is being driven by users of smartphones and other devices that support social networking, streaming video and large data volume applications. Crown Castle is working collaboratively with the city of Palo Alto, as well as residents, to design solutions that are both effective at reaching capacity goals and that blend into the cityscape. By utilizing leading-edge technology, this SCS will help to ensure that residents, visitors and businesses have dependable access to a network that is capable of meeting their data demands as well as enhancing public safety.


  • The rooftop cell site located at 525 University Avenue does not provide sufficient data capacity for the downtown Palo Alto area.


  • Deploy 19 small cell nodes on streetlights. These nodes have been designed in such a way that a casual observer is not likely to recognize them as wireless infrastructure. Furthermore, by collocating on existing municipal infrastructure there is no need to install additional poles.
  • This presents the city of Palo Alto with an opportunity to upgrade the current congested network to one that is capable of meeting today’s data intensive needs. These needs are particularly significant in the downtown area where numerous people access the network simultaneously.

Benefits of a Crown Castle SCS network:

  • Provides critical wireless voice and data coverage, capacity and quality
  • Shareable infrastructure design that can support multiple wireless carriers
  • Supports current and future wireless voice and data services from carriers
  • Helps minimize future construction by using advanced fiber-optic technology, which provides nearly unlimited bandwidth and capacity for future growth
  • Utilizes low-profile, unobtrusive equipment
  • Uses existing vertical elements in the public ROW, where possible

Sample of proposed sites


Proposed sites

Proposed installation sites are to be located on streetlight poles within city-owned sidewalks adjacent to the following locations:

(P01m) 150 University Ave / On High St
(P02m2) 184 University Ave / On Emerson St
(P03m) 235 University Ave / On Ramona St
(P04m) 281 University Ave / On Bryant St
(P05m) 339 University Ave / On Florence St
(P06m2) 400 University Ave / On Waverley St
(P07m2) 400 Hamilton Ave
(P08m) 300 Hamilton Ave
(P09m2) 635 Bryant St
(P10m) 158 Hamilton Ave
(P11m) 100 Hamilton Ave
(P12m2) 379 Lytton Ave
(P13m) 181 Lytton Ave
(P14m) 245 Lytton Ave
(P15m) 265 Lytton Ave
(P16m) 325 Lytton Ave
(P17m) 437 Lytton Ave
(P18m) 380 Hamilton Ave
(P19m) 220 Hamilton Ave

Details for each proposed installation site can be found in this PDF.

Proposed node map