The City of Los Angeles and surrounding areas needed a solution to complement their existing macrocellular network; address topographic, zoning, and other challenges; and meet growing wireless coverage and capacity demand for the densely populated area.


  • Multiple wireless service providers (WSPs) needed to improve their performance
  • Tech-savvy residents and visitors required a high-performance network
  • The business community needed reliable wireless service
  • Diverse geography presented unique wireless coverage challenges

To solve these problems, Crown Castle engaged in a major small cell solutions (SCS) deployment—comprising thousands of nodes—in Los Angeles and the surrounding metro area. This SCS enables wireless service for multiple WSPs and their customers from Santa Barbara to Long Beach, including densely populated areas in and around downtown LA.

Small Cell Architecture Benefits

Crown Castle’s Los Angeles neutral host system includes a combination of newly built SCS nodes, as well as upgrades to pre-existing nodes, to accommodate new data-rich technology and service offerings. Today, Crown Castle has a major SCS network presence in Southern California, stretching from LA to San Diego. The network enables WSPs to provide increased capacity and serve faster, more reliable data and voice services to more people— especially in such a densely populated urban area with challenging topography.

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