Project Overview

Wireless carriers in New York City needed to upgrade their capacity to meet the growing wireless demands of the city’s dense population. However, the aging T1 system was becoming too costly to continue upgrading. Installing fiber would provide the capacity carriers needed with plenty of opportunity to grow in the future.


Never content to be behind the curve, New Yorkers expect to have tomorrow’s technology yesterday. Upgrading to fiber to provide the necessary capacity came with a unique set of challenges:

  • The fiber network needed to be installed fully underground using existing ductwork.
  • New digging was required to connect into residential buildings—approval to do so had to be obtained from individual building owners.
  • The whole project had to be completed in two years.


Using our vast experience and local expertise, we assembled a highly skilled team of contractors, engineers, and builders who were able to complete the installation ahead of the two-year deadline. We ran a 26-mile ring of fiber around the city with an additional 40+ miles connecting the buildings and nodes to the primary network. In all, we connected 220 sites. In order to take full advantage of the speed and capacity of fiber, we also had to update all the backhaul circuits.

The entire network has been tremendously successful. Like all the small cell solutions (SCS) networks we build, it’s a neutral host solution, so all wireless carriers can take advantage of the new system without unnecessary infrastructure.

Download the case study for more information.