As data usage continues to climb and as customers change the way they interact with your network, you need the ability to adapt quickly. Small cell solutions (SCS) are becoming more common as an attractive option to increase capacity and serve faster, more reliable data and voice services to more people—especially in densely populated urban areas with challenging topography. We’ve been working with SCS for over 15 years and have approximately 65,000 nodes on air or under contract and approximately 65,000 route miles of fiber—making us the clear industry leader. We use our local relationships and expertise in communities around the country to help ensure that every site complies with state, city, and local requirements while preserving the aesthetics of its surroundings—including historical districts.

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Why Crown Castle?

  • Experience: After working with SCS for over 15 years, we have the experience to handle any challenge.
  • Seamless integration: Our SCS seamlessly integrate with our tower and rooftop assets.
  • Turnkey solutions: We can get you on air quickly.
  • Single point of contact: A single project manager handles all your interactions with Crown Castle.
  • Low cost of ownership: More cost effective than self-performance.
  • Network Operations Center: We monitor everything 24/7/365 and have a team of highly trained in-market operations technicians to take care of any unforeseen circumstances or maintenance needs.
  • In-market resources: Our local relationships streamline the jurisdictional approval process and accelerate speed-to-market.
  • Fiber footprint: We own approximately 65,000 route miles of fiber in 23 of the top 25 markets that can be used for fiber-to-the-cell installations.

More about outdoor SCS

Outdoor small cell networks give you the ability to deliver targeted coverage and capacity with more flexibility than traditional macrocells served by towers or rooftop antennas. This smaller footprint architecture provides several important benefits:

  • Easy configuration: To support growing bandwidth demands, reconfigurations can be performed easily, with most being done at the central hub site.
  • Better service: Closer proximity of the user’s device to the small cell node provides enhanced speeds.
  • Targeted coverage: Wireless carriers can provide targeted coverage to weak-signal areas or to heavy concentrations of users.
  • Limitless capacity: Fiber-fed networks have virtually unlimited capacity, which can be expanded to support multiple service providers and their future needs.
  • End-to-end solution: Crown Castle provides a full infrastructure solution.

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