Intracity Fiber Covers Most of the Los Angeles Area

The city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas needed a solution to complement their existing macrocellular network; address topographic, zoning, and other challenges; and meet growing wireless coverage and capacity demand for the densely populated area.

Deployment in New York City

Under authority of a franchise granted by New York City’s Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), Crown Castle deployed neutral-host small cell solutions (SCS) on a large scale. This network enables wireless service providers (WSPs) to deliver enhanced wireless service to all five of the city’s densely populated boroughs. As one of the country’s largest outdoor SCS deployments, the New York City SCS network has expanded to thousands of SCS nodes, enabling WSP coverage in the Bronx, Staten Island, and parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Central Business District in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s large population, tourism industry, and proximity to other major metro areas created a need for a shareable, high-performing wireless infrastructure that could support a variety of innovative voice and data services for local residents and handle frequent surges in traffic from visitors.

San Diego Metropolitan Coverage

Crown Castle became involved with San Diego when the city needed a solution that could complement its traditional macro wireless infrastructure and address topography and zoning challenges.

Chicago Fiber-to-the-Cell

A Chicago wireless service provider (WSP) wanted to use fiber backhaul for more than a hundred sites to improve bandwidth and accommodate planned high-traffic 4G LTE service rollouts.

New York, NY

Wireless carriers in New York City needed to upgrade their capacity to meet the growing wireless demands of the city’s dense population. However, the aging T1 system was becoming too costly to continue upgrading. Installing fiber would provide the capacity carriers needed with plenty of opportunity to grow in the future.